Law of Attraction


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“Like Attracts Like” is a philosophical belief that positive energy attracts positive energy as well as negative energy attracting negative energy.  In other words, a thought is like a magnetic force that will bring the thinker what is focused on in a day-to-day process.

Movies such as “The Secret” from the self-help book by Rhonda Byrne and self-help books such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles and Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers each promote the “Law of Attraction” and have become the cornerstones of rediscovering the little child that once believed all things are possible and that magic is, but a dream come true.

When I first watched “The Secret”, it literally changed my life, definitely for the better. I took to heart what it said about having the power to actually possess the life I wanted. With positive affirmations whirling in my brain, I was then drawn to other sources that promoted the power to attract the things I wanted and needed to make my life the best it could be.

When I say that this documentary and these self-help books changed my life, I make no exaggeration. I was a bitter, divorced, single mom feeling or so sorry for myself. Struggling financially with a job that I both loved and hated. In a nutshell, I was miserable, feeling trapped and afraid to make a change.

Since adopting this new positive way of thinking, I have a job where I am respected and cherished, making as much money part-time as I was working full-time at the other job. In my spare time, I am self-publishing a fantasy, action-adventure trilogy in both paperback and e-book while attending college part-time.

Frustration and disappointment still come into my life. The difference is that set backs no longer take over my life, draping it with black clouds of gloom. Now, I am in control of my emotions and my future, as much as any mortal can be. All this happened in less than one year. I now wake up, happy and excited to meet each new day instead of wishing I could disappear and shrink away from the all-encompassing pain that once almost ruined my life.


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