Monthly Archives: December, 2011

If you strike me down…

Instead of letting life’s kicks and knocks shove you on your face, I say take an example from Obi Wan Kenobi when he said to Darth Vader, “If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you possibly can imagine.” (From: Star Wars 1977) So, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When you fall off …

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An In-Depth Discussion with Jack Canfield on Success Principles

This audio from Chicken Soup for the Soul creator, Jack Canfield is a change your life type of listen. Do it…. Click the link below.

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Juice, Homemade

I just bought a Ninja Kitchen System Plus! I was looking for something that could multitask and this baby does. I am a bargain-shopping girl, so when I decided to make my juice, I went to the internet and did a search for the best juicer for the money. I actually found the Ninja …

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