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Living Life in Glorious Colour

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week stumped me … Launch? are you kidding? None of the spaceships I am working on in my backyard are ready to launch. So I resorted to thinking….

It is a new year and I have resolved to change my ways. I need to embrace a healthier lifestyle. So…. Right here, right now, I am officially launching the new healthy life of Maggie.

I resolve to eat a rainbow of colourful veggies every day.

a rainbow of veggies everyday

I resolve to eat fresh fruit daily:

It is important to get enough fibre and to eat healthy whole grains. Quinoa is a great choice.  in 1/4 cup I will get 3 gms of fibre and 5 gms of protein. Take that white rice, you are outta here.

A healthy lifestyle includes so much more than eating the right food. Excercise is also crucial.

I resolve to go…

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