A wonderful story…
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Mickey was a nice, cheerful, optimistic boy. No one could remember ever having seen him angry; he didn’t mind whatever people said to him. He seemed incapable of insulting anyone. Even his teachers admired his good disposition, which was so unusual that a rumour was going round that Mickey´s goodness must be due to some special secret.

The fact that there was a supposed secret meant that no one could think about anything else. They interrogated Mickey so much that, one afternoon, he invited his favourite teacher, Mr. Anthony, to tea. When they had finished, Mickey showed Mr. Anthony around the house. When Mickey opened his bedroom door, the teacher froze, and a big smile spread across his face.

The huge far wall was a unique collage of thousands of colours and shapes! It was the loveliest decoration Mr. Anthony had ever seen.

“Some people at school think I never…

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