Holistic me

I am a sucker for good storytellers. It does not ruin the experience if they are smart and gifted too. Brené Brown is one of these gems that has shared her research on TED. She is spot on how the people who have;

1. Sence of courage to be imperfect


2.Embrace vulnerability

Are the ones that believe they are worthy. This is the opposite of  a codependent like me. I believed that I was not worthy untill I learned that I was,  by taking the steps of the  CODA  program. But I was damn good faking it.  I had to take down the mask and face my fears. I entered a really hard masters program. Many of the people there were professionals. What I saw watching them is that they admitted their mistakes, they laughed at their failures. I had tried really hard to keep face. Not show…

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