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  • right here right nowWhen will you stop wasting your potential?
  • When will you make that decision you’ve been avoiding?
  • When will you stop looking for ‘easy’ and starting doing ‘effective’?
  • When will you stop waiting for the right time?
  • When will you create opportunities rather than wait for them to appear?
  • When will you stop spending money you don’t have on crap you don’t need?
  • When will you stop the same unhealthy conversations, about the same issues, with the same people?
  • When will you stop giving your body food it doesn’t need?
  • When will you maximize your genetics rather than complain about them?
  • When will you love your legs because they work & stop hating them because they’re not skinny enough?
  • When will you stop wasting emotional energy on sh*t you can’t change?
  • When will you stop complaining about the rain and start dancing in it?

By: Craig Harper

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