Writing Your Destiny

Let’s face it  .  .  . most transformational coaches are paid to help their clients to create quantum leaps and usually big ones.

If you’re experiencing trouble or discomfort in some area of your life, and you finally admit that you might need some help,  you want to make change quickly, as in quantum leap change.

The problem is that coaches who are honest cannot promise anyone a quantum leap.

So most of the time coaches preach the idea of taking massive action.   This type of transformation usually creates results.  Many of the biggest, quickest changes I’ve experienced myself and seen in others happened because of massive action.  Unfortunately, these types of transformation don’t always endure.

Sometimes massive action creates world changing quantum leaps, as in the example of an Edison with his thousands of failed experiments before the light bulb was developed.  In the U.S., we tend to associate this type of transformation with the American way –work hard and produce extraordinary results.  With big…

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    • You are so very welcome, Karen. Great post, BTW!


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