Granny In Training

Mirror, mirror on the wall this marriage is the best of all.

How do you see your marriage now? Is itprecious to you? Do you honor, appreciate, and place worth on your marriage as it is?

Or do you view your marriage as fundamentally flawed?

Do you know that all the energies and strategies you are using (thinking your marriage will be better if we just do this or we just changethat) could end in failure? Unless you honor your marriage union first without conditions.

 Do you know that all your tactics can come across as manipulative strategies to get your spouse to do what you want. This smacks of duplicity and insincerity. You must work on your marriage because you believe it is valuable, not because you are trying to make it valuable. Quick-fix manipulations do not make for a good marriage.

Have you ever walked past a mirror and where shocked or mortified by what you saw? Your hair was standing…

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