Writing Your Destiny

Every so often the universe seems to send me a message that at first seems inexplicable.

This morning the electricity to my house went off with a loud popping sound, like something had exploded, at around 7am.  Unlike the photo to the right, there was no bad weather to account for it.

When I called the power company, they said there were no other power outages reported, and that I should check the status in a half hour.  I was nervous about this whole thing and called a friend who said it sounds like your transformer blew.

As soon as he said the word transformer, I thought the universe is trying to tell me something about my inner transformer!

Over Extending Our Inner Transformers

There are many ways to blow out our inner transformers.  My ways include:

  • Overly aggressive plans
  • Unfair comparison to others
  • Working too many hours on the wrong projects
  • Disrespecting my body
  • Changing focus too often

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